How to Permaculture

How I Got Started in Permaculture

A set of learned principles–thinking in cycles, eliminating inefficiencies, stacking functions in space–resonated with me on a gut level, and were all pushing me toward thinking like a permaculturalist.

A Forest Guild for the Makkah/Jeddah Region

For Jeddah, similar locations were found in Mexico, Namibia, Mauritania, and India. Thus the following plants are either known to grow in the region, or are likely to grow there, based on similarities in  latitute, elevation, soil profile, precipitation, and other factors.

Why Sustainability Is a Terrible Goal

Here are some situations that demonstrate sustainability. 1: Living paycheck to paycheck. 2: A marriage that doesn’t result in divorce. 3: Subsistence farming. 4: Serfdom.

The Neutrient Cycle in Hyper-arid Conditions: Why This Camel Isn't Biodegrading

This three-year-old corpse looks pretty gnarly, but the amazing thing is that anything is there at all. In another climate, it would have been consumed by scavengers, insects, and eventually, bacteria, and turned back into soil. Not here.

Replacing Imported Staples with Perennial Desert Substitutes

The people in Al Baydha have two significant problems when it comes to food.  First, very little of their food is produced locally, and second, their diet is significantly lacking.