An Introduction to the Potential To Convert the Arabian Peninsula from Desert to Savannah

An Introduction to the Potential To Convert the Arabian Peninsula from Desert to Savannah

This is going to be a recurring theme on the site, and will take a great deal of writing and time to get through. But after you have read through this series you will understand the science, methods, and required steps to convert desert into productive landscape in a regenerative and permanent way (the micro) and also how I hope to see this achieved in the Arabian Peninsula (the macro).

The basis for this transformation is twofold.

First, it depends on understanding that people are the keystone species of the planet. Our systems of life and civilization have a tremendous impact on the world around us, and we have a history of mining the land through agriculture–leading to soil loss, drought, deforestation, pollution, and the extinction of many species.  We also have the ability to restore land to productivity, to take non-arable land and convert it to arable land. Through proper management we can build soil, increase biodiversity, restore wetlands and rivers, and rejuvenate aquifers, all while increasing the amount of food we produce.

Second, it depends on asking and knowing the answer to the following question:  What is the land able to produce if we cooperate with nature and its cycles?

Part 1 of this series will be a very brief, big picture overview of the geography, hydrology, climate, and natural history of the Arabian Peninsula.

Part II will be tying those in to the current disrupted functioning of the water and mineral cycles.

Part III will lay out the general strategy–identifying the edges where we can start and portraying a general picture of what it would look like in the early stages.

Part IV will be a further overview of the expected results from such an endeavor–economically, environmentally, and socially.

Part V will help you know what you can do to support what would be an enormous undertaking that would benefit the entire globe.


Welcome to Two Visions Permaculture, where I am  documenting my education and practice as a permaculturalist, and publishing how permaculture can dramatically alter the food and water security situation in the Arabian Peninsula, and the United States.